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Empowerment, Self-Compassion, and Connection

Meet Robyn: Your New Coach

  • Personal and professional goals achievement
  • Improved personal leadership, including work / life balance
  • Increased accountability and focus
  • Improved self-awareness and perspective 
  • Mindfulness at home and in the workplace
  • Better systems for priority management
  • Enhanced personal health and development

My Areas of Coaching Focus

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Are you ready to refine your vision, elevate your life, and redesign your future?


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Deluxe retreats include workshop classes on emotional and mental wellness, strategies to hold & create boundaries, self care & self compassion, working through triggers; additional focus on physical health, fitness, wellness and food as fuel. My incredible chef will prepare all our meals fresh on site; you'll be amazed at the tools you'll get, plus the smells and tastes of the weekend!


Workshops for professionals who want to hone in and identify the core values of their business, guiding principles or mantras that lead their decisions and actions - and the creation of your business "mission statement." You will take the workbook with you to up-level and direct your business and personal life.

Personal and Group Coaching focusing on: thought work, emotional connection with self and others, creating a prosperity and abundance mindset, in spite of obstacles or challenges, and uncovering & discovering the root of personal triggers or pain points.


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Robyn has a gift of understanding, relating and connecting to people. She gets it. She is empathetic and will get to the core of what needs to be addressed. She also can say the tough things with love—which really helps. I would highly recommend Robyn!

natalie c.

Robyn is one of the most powerful women, she has a gift of sharing her light. I came away refreshed and reset and am constantly thinking about mindfulness and the power of the thoughts running through my head.

MArilyn H.

Robyn has a gift of teaching in a way that doesn't make you feel shame, but makes you feel empowered. She also has a gift of gathering women together. Being with Robyn is like getting a constant, big, warm hug.

lisa d.

Kind Words from Former Attendees

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